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WØRBK Repeater

GAARC  WØRBK Club & Repeater ant tower

Our club D-Star repeater is in Reinbeck, Iowa on 444.875 MHz +5 Mhz transmit offset.  It is by default linked to the DCS006V reflector.  The repeater is a joint "homebrew" effort by WAØTPN, Scott and AEØTB, Tom.  This repeater is currently a Kenwood  TKR-820 with a Star*Board GMSK modem board for a controller card.  The PC controller is run under Ubuntu Linux.

Update:  As of November 21, 2012 the repeater is in it's new, higher, location with a 16-bay UHF antenna.  Coverage with a 5w HT is up to 12-15 miles and with a mobile 25+ miles.  It's range appears to cover Grundy County totally and parts of Black Hawk, Tama, Hardin, Butler, Bremer and Marshall counties have been verified.

The controlling of linking and unlinking of the repeater can be controlled by DTMF commands.
These commands are:

DTMF Command Equivalent UR Command Comment
“B1A” or “B01A” or “B001A” XRF001AL Link to DExtra reflector XRF001 A (recent change 3/2013)
“*1C” or “*01C” or “*001C” REF001CL Link to D-Plus reflector REF001 C
“D1B” or “D102” or “D0102” or “D00102” DCS001BL Links to DCS reflector DCS001 B
"D622" Links to DCS reflector DCS006 V (the "22" is "V" the 22nd character in the alphabet.
“#” _______U Unlink
“0” or “00” _______I Trigger a voice announcement (info).
The underscore character is used to indicate a space character in the actual setting (UR) of the callsigns.


Ircddb status of WØRBK

WØRBK repeater dashboard  Direct from the computer running our D-Star repeater

W0RBK repeater/gateway  Another view of the repeater/gateway

DCS006V Dashboard  See who else is linked into the DSC006V reflector

DCS Live  See just DCS reflector user activity

DCS Live scrolling  Another view of the DCS

IRCDDB Live  See other D-Star users utilizing the ircddb

D-Star User Lookup  Lookup other D-Star users

 Tower Crew-W0UNI, W0SJ, AE0TB, W0HHF  Tower going up

 worbk tower crew-WA0TPN(on tower), AE0TB, W0SJ, W0HHF  w0rbk tower climber WA0TPN